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This is a description of my search engine CGI program.

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Douglas Thrift's Search Engine is an indexing search engine for use on small websites such as personal or small business sites. It is designed to be very similar to Google for end users and its output is customizable. For indexing, it supports both the Robots Exclusion Protocol and the Robots META Tag as specified at

The search engine is written in C++ and works on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and other UNIX systems.

Douglas Thrift's Search Engine is Open Source software according to the The Open Source Definition. Its License is identical to the Apache Software License except that it refers to me, Douglas Thrift, as the copyright holder.

OSI Certified Open Source Software
This software is OSI Certified Open Source Software.
OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

You are free to use to following image on pages produced by Douglas Thrift's Search Engine as well as pages where you have a Search form for Douglas Thrift's Search Engine:

Powered by Douglas Thrift's Search Engine

If you would like to submit your own "Powered by Douglas Thrift's Search Engine" images email them to me as attachments, and if I approve of them I will add them to a "Powered by" images page on this website. I will not tolerate any inappropriate images, if you don't know what I mean by that don't waste my time.

If you would like to learn why I started this project and more about its history check out my Historical page.

This project is listed at as Douglas Thrift's Search Engine. It is also listed in Open Directory - Computers: Open Source: Software: Internet: Web Applications and - United States - New - Computing - Computer Science - Programming - Open Source - Software - More Software.


Here are some examples of my Search Engine's output using the default templates:

An search.

A search for with multiple pages.

A search for with no results and a search for with no results respectively.

Search for

Note: You can also view the template files used for my website's Search in search.


Note: Douglas Thrift's Search Engine is copyrighted material and is released with a license agreement. This license is available in several formats here:

Note: Before downloading Douglas Thrift's Search Engine, I suggest that you read the ReadMe file; it is available in several formats here:

Here is my Search Engine for your downloading, compiling, and running pleasure:

Source Code Distribution 1.3 Size Description 129.8 kB Source Code Distribution
dtse-1.3-src.tar.bz2 87.5 kB Source Code Distribution
dtse-1.3-src.tar.gz 105.6 kB Source Code Distribution
Binary Distribution 1.3 Size Description
dtse-1.3-win32.exe 298.3 kB Windows Installer
dtse-1.3-openssl-win32.exe 301.7 kB Windows Installer OpenSSL

Note: The distribution files above are located in download.


Although I believe I did a pretty good job of coding and getting bugs out of this software, there is always a possibility that there could be more. Since this is Open Source software, I have automatically submitted my work for peer review, and I appreciate help in making my Search Engine the best it could possible be. So without any further ado, you may use the form on my Bug Report page to submit bugs you have found.

Note: This form is for submitting actual bugs in my Search Engine, it is not to be used for technical support or help questions.

Mailing Lists

Note: I once had a mailing list for my Search Engine, but I never restarted it when I moved to a new server and I am not planning on restarting it. Anyway, I do have the archives available here.

FileDescription Complete Archive Mailbox
2003-February.txt February 2003 Archive
2003-April.txt April 2003 Archive
2003-May.txt May 2003 Archive
2003-June.txt June 2003 Archive
2003-July.txt July 2003 Archive
2003-September.txt September 2003 Archive
2004-March.txt March 2004 Archive
2004-April.txt April 2004 Archive


Here are some instructions for getting started using my Search Engine:

There is currently no other documentation for my Search Engine, though I plan to write some when I have the time. For help using my Search Engine, I suggest you use the mailing lists mentioned above; I will use discussion in the mailing lists to help me gage what to put in the documentation and a FAQ page.

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